Saturday, April 9, 2011

Embracing My Inner Foodie

I made a left after college and went straight to law school, when I should have turned right toward culinary school. That was back in the day before dashboard GPS systems, so it was easy to get lost. And lost I was for many, many years.
When I left my fancy, overpaid, haughty law job to be a full time wife and mother of two, I rediscovered my love of cooking. I also discovered budget meals and coupons necessitated by the dramatic loss of our second income.
The tasty sound of the Food Network reverberates throughout our home during most of my waking hours. Paula, Rachel, Bobby, Ina, Tyler, Sandra, Alton - have all become my daytime companions and aunts and uncles to my two girls. When they were younger my daughters thought it was great fun to host our own cooking show. We stood at the kitchen island, with our many ingredients, bowls, measuring instruments and smiles and cooked for the camera (ironically our kitchen t.v. served as the camera). My girls would alternate steps in the recipe and appropriately address the "camera", saying things like, "now, add the flour being careful not to spill any on the floor because Mommy just swept."
Today, my kids are high schoolers who don't want to camera-cook with me anymore. Nevertheless, my own passion for food and anything food related continues to grow. It's inescapable. I confess that I have had no formal training, I've never made a souffle, I'm mildly uncomfortable around fish, and wholly appreciate the need for occasional take-out. I'm just a middle-aged mom who can't stop thinking about food.

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