Tuesday, April 12, 2011

KeepRecipes.com Teams up with Chefs to Raise Money for Japan

The size of a natural disaster is often directly proportional to the fund-raising efforts that follow.  One of the many charitable efforts that have emerged following the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear disaster in Japan is the brain child of Keep Recipes.com.  In this effort, all-star chefs have teamed up with KeepRecipes.com in an innovative way to raise money for the American Red Cross efforts in Japan
The effort, called KeepRecipes for Recovery, launched last week.  Chefs like Masahura Morimoto, Mark Bittman, Anita Lo, Eric Gower, Marc Spitzers and others are offering their signature dishes for the cause.  The program is a way to combine the culinary traditions of Japan with a way to give back to a nation in dire need.  By preparing one of these all-star recipes one cannot help but feel a connection to the Japanese culture.
The cookbook will be available as a digital download for donations of $10 or more.  KeepRecipes will donate 86 cents for every dollar directly to the American Red Cross.
The recipes run the gamut from traditional to the more eccentric. Regardless of your personal taste or culinary talents, the project’s primary goal is raising money for the relief effort. KeepRecipes has managed to not only create a platform to raise funds but also a digital connection to the people and the culture it’s trying to help.
This unique cookbook includes 21 recipes including Japanese classics, fusions, haute cuisine and more. From Braised Black Cod to Miso Ramen to Japanese Tai Snapper Taco, you'll get a great selection of recipes for your donation. Your donation will also get you a free membership with KeepRecipes, the "iTunes for Recipes".
Your support will enable the Red Cross to provide shelter, food, emotional support, and other assistance to victims of the disaster.
With more than 530,000 citizens relocated, 73,000 homes destroyed, and a death toll that now tops 11,000, the estimate for reconstruction is expected to top $300 billion and take over five years. 
 Learn more about how you can helpKeepRecipes.com

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